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Sara Rubin is a BuzzFeed celebrity who has been in front of and behind the camera for a while now. She is a video producer who also features in some of her productions on the internet media BuzzFeed. The internet since its advent has been used as a great platform to disseminate information to a very large audience at the same time. It has created the opportunity for many to have access to news, entertainment, sports and other types of information from any part of the world. One of the most interesting things about the internet is that the information can come in various formats such as audio, visuals, audio-visuals, text, and so on.

Many have taken advantage of the internet to create wealth. One of such people is BuzzFeed, the pioneers of the internet media. BuzzFeed is similar to a physical media house that trains reporters and disseminates news and other related content. This virtual platform like its physical counterparts has made celebrities of persons like Sara Rubin. She became popular because of her dexterity and talent which she doesn’t fail to display on the platform. She has her account on BuzzFeed which she uses to share information in form of videos. Her most popular videos include How Many of These Awkward Moments Have Happened To You? and Flirting or Not Flirting? Let us get to know interesting facts about the American producer below. Keep reading.

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Gary’s plethora of hit after hit since 1996 often leaves country music fans wondering where he gets his unending inspiration from. Gary Allan Herzberg has been in the music industry since the release of his gold-certified first album Used Heart for Sale. As of 2018, the country music legend has released ten studio albums and two compilation albums under two different record labels. He has also had 26 of his singles rank high on various Billboard charts, with seven of them ranking in the top 10.

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Raquel Pennington is an American UFC fighter who fights under the bantamweight division. She made her professional debut in March 2012 and has gone on to stage an incredible career. She went on about a year’s break but returned in 2018 to fight at the UFC 224 in a highly publicized match against Amanda Nunes which became the first event in UFC history to involve two openly gay fighters. Her accomplishments include The Ultimate Fighter 18 Fight of the Season vs. Jessamyn Duke, and Performance of the Night (One time) vs. Jéssica Andrade. We take you through the highlights of her personal life.

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The process of running a single career is hard enough, so you can barely appreciate the increased difficulty that adding a second line of work brings with it. Still, there are many people around the world who have managed to make it work. Ray Diaz – a model and an actor, belongs in that category of people who have found success in more than one endeavor.

The actor went through a rough time growing up. He would eventually begin a modeling career, making his debut commercial appearance for the elite department store chain, Macy’s. Regardless of his blossoming modeling career, he eventually ventured into acting. He is known for movies and TV series like In Da Cut, East Los High, and Lopez.

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David Coverdale is a British-American musician, songwriter, and vocalist, notable for being a member of the hard rock band called Whitesnake. The talented rock star was previously associated with other popular band groups such as Deep Purple rock band, among others. He has equally collaborated with popular artists and released many songs since the inception of his music career. For his unparallel contributions in rock music, Coverdale was honored with a star in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.

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The multiple award-winning American star actor and filmmaker, Tony Shalhoub is most remembered for his quirky lead role in the TV dramedy Monk, among many others.

Having started acting in the mid-80s, this Lebanese-American has no doubt had a successful career with a myriad of ethnic roles, including his first prominent portrayal of a romantically inclined Italian cab driver on the sitcom – Wings. Here are the things to know about the actor.

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Terence Newman is an American athlete, best known as a cornerback for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings. To be a cornerback, one must be fast and be agile in order to make tackles and pass offenses; needless to say, Terence Newman meets the criteria quite well.

Though he now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, Terence was initially drafted by the Dallas Cowboys as the 2003 NFL Draft fifth overall pick. Over the course of his career, he has also played for the Cincinnati Bengals as well.

Prior to breaking big on the professional field, the athlete played college football at Kanas State University where he received the esteemed All-American recognition by unanimous decision.

Unsurprisingly, Terence is already a legend on the field. Here’s everything you need to know about the football star.

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